Friday, January 1, 2016

Keikyu Line Express

Awakened by the sound of frenzied flight announcements, it was confused as I just awake from my sleep. Japanese men who share a chair with my sleep last night, rushed smoothed his gear and moving towards the departure gate. After collecting the scattered cards somewhere, I headed for the bathroom to simply perform ablution and bath duck in the sink. Yeah, again had to accept the fact that I could not shower again this morning because the bathrooms are super clean and spacious but too bad it does not provide shower facilities.

Actually if I intends taking a shower, Haneda Shower Room Facilities located at the Arrival Lobby Floor 2. There, there are 15 shower cubicles at the rate of 1000 Yen per 30 minutes and 500 yen per 15 minutes thereafter. Towels, Hair Dryer and toiletries are available. But I shall waste of money Rp. 120,000 just to shower and at the end I chose just wash my face using water. Fortunately, the temperature is still quite cold so I did not sweat.My clothes still smell very good. =D

Haneda Airport Shower Facilities
Besides Bullet Train, Cherry Blossom and Capsule Hotel, probably the one thing that impressed me in Japan is unique toilet. Named Bidet Toilet Seat, the toilet was first discovered in the United States which later developed rapidly in Japan that attempted to combine their madness hygiene as well as comfort with producing "Washlet" toilet bidet with a wide range of advanced button.

There are at least four additional buttons besides Flush button (flush) is flush stop button, the button and the small and the large spray dryer button. In addition, sometimes the Washlet also provided with buttons deodorizer, automatic button toilet seat cover release button and massagers.

Besides Washlet, in some places in Japan are also available traditional toilet called Squat Toilet. Shaped like a pee men mounted horizontally. Unlike the squat toilet where we sit right above the water hole, in the Squat Toilet we sat facing the hole. Geli also imagine my time circling above Squat Toilet confusion is to find the right direction to sit before reading the user guide as listed in the figure below.

My first goal today is to go to Shinjuku station, left the bag there and take a bus to Lake Kawaguchiko. From Lake Kawaguchiko, Shinjuku and then back again to the night bus ride to Kyoto from the station as well. From the airport Haneda many ways that can be taken to get to Shinjuku station. But in my opinion the fastest and easiest is a train ride Keikyu Line to Shinagawa Station and then connected with the JR Yamanote Line train toward Shinjuku

To find a station is easy enough, just follow directions marked "Keikyu Line"

Near the entrance to the train station Keikyu Line no place in the form of ticket sales with a board range of vending machine fare and destination information contains large mounted on top of it like the photo below.

Usually near where there are officers who swiftly and politely will help us buy a ticket in accordance with the purpose. If there is no officer, we can buy train tickets in the following way (these instructions are also generally applicable to any purchase train tickets in Japan)

Shinagawa Station
If we go up Keikyu Line Limited Express will be 8 stops before Shinagawa is Tenkubashi, Anamori-inari, Otorii, Kojiya, Keikyu Kamata, Heiwajima, Tachiaigawa and Aomono-Yokocho. If you do not want to stop-stop could ride Airport Limited Express that will go directly to Shinagawa. Get off at Shinagawa station, just follow the signs that read "Transfer to the JR Line".

If you do not buy JR tickets, buy it along the line of ticket booths. But if you've bought from Haneda like me, can go straight to the gate and enter the ticket there. One thing I admire about Japan is a sophisticated system of carriage. Detecting the ticket gate as if he knew where the tickets were swallowed and which ones should be vomited back. The total trip from Shinjuku Station to Haneda airport takes 1.5 hours due to wear show stray and paused to look here and there.

Shinjuku Station

Once at Shinjuku station around 06.30, we immediately look for directions to the Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, which are located adjacent to the Odakyu Dept.Store at Ground Floor West Side Shinjuku Station. Odakyu office is selling tickets for trains and buses to the area of ​​Mount Fuji as Hakone, Kawaguchiko, Gotemba. If you look at the map Odakyu office below, it seems very difficult to find its location. But in fact not the case, his office is quite easy to find as long as we keep a consistent look for the word "Odakyu". Odakyu new offices open at 8 am, so we had 1.5 hours to eat breakfast and mengeskplore this station. Fortunately, just in front of the office there are lockers daycare bag so that we can leave the bag there.

Shinjuku Station
Because many shops inside the station is still closed, we decided to look for breakfast outside of the station. Walk the streets in front of Shinjuku Station, we finally found the 7 Eleven store is open. Once entered into the prepared foods we realized that it was not easy getting food in Japan because the label contains the full contents written in Japanese. So we choose the contents seafood or boiled eggs plus rice or noodles then dragged the officer to ask in sign language if the sauce contains meat or not. Before eating do not forget to pray and give as much as possible smiles :). But arguably ready meals in supermarkets in Japan tastes good and did not disappointed.

Meanwhile eating breakfast at this store, I observed a man in front of the store. Clearly he was talking to himself as nobody was around him. But what fascinated me is his behavior when crossing the road. Even insane man still wait until the traffic light turn green then across the road. That man, even crazy still obey the traffic regulations. A wise word to take home to Indonesia "Gotta obey the traffic regulations if we do not want to lose the same madman in Japan"

Finished fulfilled the empty of the stomach, we went back to the  Odakyu which already opened. Although I was second in the queue turns out most mornings bus ticket to Lake Kawaguchiko is sold out. If you still want to go there, the next bus ticket is 11 noon, lazy wait a few more hours we finally decided not to go to Lake Kawaguchiko and explore Tokyo instead.

So to get a bus ticket to Lake Kawaguchiko most mornings I recommend ordering tickets for at least one day in advance. If not miss out too, just try to buy a ticket directly to the terminal and not bought through Odakyu office as the experience of my friend experienced.