Friday, January 1, 2016

Tokyo Ueno Zoo

Ueno Park
Finally already at 3 pm, we could check in at Agora Place Asakusa Hotel. Her hotel is almost the same as we live in Osaka, only here we do not have ammenities, like soap, shampoo and towels. No problem was, did we also had bring our own. No. 1 what I did is shower !!!!
Imagine from Kyoto to Tokyo a day earlier then the first, then did accomplished a shower now. Fresh after the rest and I moved out of the hotel again. That afternoon some friends already exhausted and choose to sleep, but for me time there should still be used for searching for a spot for photographs.

From the beginning we set out the actual target is the cherry hunting ya..but in Osaka and Kyoto only living remnants course, because it was falling, so i decided to try hunting again in Ueno Park, Ueno Park is located just especially from Asakusa station. Turns out I do not own, becausemy friends also want to follow the road. Finally the four of us together to Ueno Park.

Ueno Zoo
From Ueno Station, Ueno Park fitting is in front of the station, so do not be confused, bewildered nyari. Amazing park !!! Although we must be disappointed because the cherry here also is not much, but at least more than we find in Osaka and Kyoto. In Ueno Zoo there, there are several museums one of which the Tokyo National Museum, and Temple / Shrine.

There is also a hotel inside her, we just photograph surrounding this location, because the pursuit of time to get back to the hotel about an hour 6an, for dinner and a street with other friends together

Tokyo National Museum
Finish enjoy Ueno Park, 6 o'clock we returned to the hotel, with previously purchased rice (again ..) on the mini, this time we ate in the room together. There is an interesting story of this room, so when early check-in they should be able to double, not a small double, but when it comes in, it turns out one of his room, his bed was small double, yes complain lah ... rather not move them to double rooms, the hotel rooms even give TRIPLE !!! as a sign of apology, equipped with amenities in one basket ... .so professional souvenir ... ..

After dinner that night we agreed to take a walk to the Shibuya and Harajuku. Shibuya is the center of activity in Tokyo, was so crowded we dizzy and chose to sit and photos just in front of the statue of Hachiko. Hachiko statue was created as a tribute to the Japanese people the story of a dog that is loyal to his master, a Japanese professor, who was so loyal, even though the owner has died, he was still faithfully waiting in front of the train station to the end ...

Takeshita Dori Street
After that we headed to Harajuku. Harajuku is a young Japanese children congregate. The most famous street Takeshita Dori Street. Many stores that sell accessories-accessories with stylish makeup attractive young man his exotic. Just unfortunately we came already benighted, average store is closed and the young people who hang out has begun separated, but there was still able requested taken photo hehehe

Completion of the Harajuku end we agreed to go back to the hotel to rest for us on the road