Friday, January 1, 2016

Shinagawa Station Tokyo

Hello, all!! Yesterday I just met my friend who says it seems that it is so trend goes to Japan nowadays. Everyone went to Japan and all the photo images that wandered in Instagram of everyone. And I think, yes really. The first time I went to Japan think still can be counted by finger with people I know who ever there. Now I think if anybody go to Japan not so cool already. But I think this is also because the numbers of tickets are cheap and websites that promote tours to Japan so Japan has been not just a dream away, but it was close!

Many people long time ago can only daydreaming about travel to Japan as it is very expensive and complicated so many people just give up easily. But I think now it's actually going to Japan is very affordable than ever before. Or maybe because I often go there I knew would happen between them, so well this time thinking to create a blog to post this so that people could know from Indonesia cheap travel tips to Japan

Shinagawa Station
1. Tickets
In addition to be diligent to look at the news and visit the Travel Fair, please subscribe to some particular airline to determine the discount and promotional events. I very highly recommend the ANA and Garuda Indonesia to go to Japan. Many think that their ticket prices are expensive, but  if you think of some benefits. My friend ever got the chance to see the Japanese cherry blossom season with only flight ticket IDR5,000,000 from Garuda airlines.

Many people also prefer the flight from AirAsia which very popular nowadays. Air Asia it must transit to Malaysia first and we waste time waiting 4-6 hours for the next flight, so of course we have to pay to eat and drink during the wait. Then inside flight is also not get a meal, and our luggage payment double meaning of Indo-KL and KL-Japan

If the ANA or Garuda, our 7 hours journey, usually the night and early morning flight had reached Japan flight so it was convenient for us. Friendly service, good food, and a padded seat. So until Japan was fresh and healthy. Then if Garuda could baggage of 23 kg but when they come to my knowledge Indo additional get 1 luggage again (so you can buy an extra suitcase or bag folding there), whereas ANA longer exists promo 2 x 23 kg luggage for flights to Japan. ANA promo ticket prices and Garuda that ranged from IDR 4.5 to 7 million, depending luck and smart searching. Unless you absolutely do not want to carry luggage, don’t want eat, willing to wait at the airport and a real backpack, yeah should check Air Asia

You also can search for flight through the websites, I liked most was Momondo, because really easy used and immediately shows statistics and data for the date that the ticket price is cheap or expensive. Later out some other options that can be selected in addition to the ANA and Garuda. Then make sure you always buy Haneda flights, not Narita. Narita because it super far. Just like from Bogor to Jakarta times so wish, and you one way from Narita to Tokyo (2 hours) it should use buses / trains each way 3000 yen. If to Haneda, took 30 minutes and the train ride only until 1000 yen

Internet Cafe
2. Place to Stay
The cheapest way to ride the course at home acquaintance. But do not get so guests who do not know themselves. Make sure you bring some souvenirs or by the by the people in a shelter, ranging from food, clothes, or other knickknacks

But if you do not have a friend who can be boarded, I recommend choosing an apartment for a cheaper price. More okay again when you go to Japan with your friends so that more economical. My recommendation of course Airbnb (if you click through the link they will, then will get a free travel credit of Rp 300,000 late).

I myself never use Airbnb for Japan because normally ride home friends or stay at the hotel sponsor, but some of my friends use it and I never played to the apartment page. Japanese apartment was clean, and we can cook delicious also be able to save on the cost of the meal. The size was not as small as I thought and prices range between Rp 500,000 - Rp 1,000,000, you can join with friends so quite affordable!

If you have more budget, you should stay at the hotel. I do not recommend Capsule Hotel or or Internet Cafe though many recommend it. Because you can not leave the suitcase and belongings when traveling, because you only stay a few hours ride. If you want to find a hotel, check Momondo who were also able to.

Location I suggest that you stay at Shinagawa or area Yamanote Line. Why Shinagawa? Shinagawa train because there is direct access to Haneda, so do not bother dragging suitcase mostly from one station to another station. It also includes an area Shinagawa Yamanote Line. Yamanote Line was the most crowded lines in Japan and usually if you want travel well in the area yamanote line only. Besides saving transport, is also not complicated mutually exchange dizzying train. That is in the Yamanote Line = Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Ueno, Akihabara

3. Transportation
Transportation was quite expensive in Japan, if you want to stay in Tokyo, I suggest you buy Suica card. You can buy it in any minimarket of Japan's Suica. Usually once a road near the start of 130 yen. If from Shibuya to Harajuku was close and can be reached by walking 15 minutes. Quite frugal 130 yen!

Map of Japan was so confusing really, so make sure if you know where to where prior to stay. The most important thing when I was in Japan that is the site where we stayed write Hyperdia going where from, and will be out the hour following which the platform should be sought, as well as price estimates. This super duper important so make sure you check this first. Japanese trains are always on time so do not be late

You may ride a taxi I recommend that for long distances. I used to really reluctant to take a taxi because expensive, once entered just 700-770 yen, it could've all eaten in Japan...Ouch. But if you-do 4 pax and going to an area close to, for example, only a difference of 2-3 stations from the area where you and a rather difficult entry alley that is not clear, so you ride taxi because only about 1000 to 1300 yen only. And I think the prices are not so bad anyway because sometimes we searching for where it is really hard and take a train + road there come here it took originals. I used from my hotel in Shinagawa, Ebisu and a taxi ride to splurging only 1400 yen late if not wrong

But do not try to take a cab constantly because the price is very expensive. I once from Disneysea back to the hotel in Shinagawa. It only take 30 minutes but finished around 8000 yen. And once I'm from Roppongi to Hiyoshi about 45 minutes, it was around 10 thousands yen if not wrong. Well if it's late and the train has run out and the choice of only a taxi, only the one you should stay in the internet cafe or a capsule hotel only 4000 yen late last night. Cheaper, new homecoming morning train ride :)
Try to stay in the same area in a single day to avoid the cost of carriage back and forth. 1000 yen all day will suffice why if a train rides to places standard. Disneyland is only a rather remote area [in Maihama] because it is not in Tokyo but in Chiba, be like to Bogor so lah

Well if you want to venture into other cities, baseball in Tokyo only. You have to really buy the name JR Pass. JR Pass can only be bought by foreign tourists because the price is super cheap. Suppose you want to Osaka Shinkansen disposable, one-way wrote an Area Rp 1,200,000, so back and forth already 2,4jt. JR Pass itself cost from Area 3 million, and you want circumference FREE Japan where use Shinkasen during any given day. Many tours and websites that sell JR Pass and you can select and compare prices. But if you want really tight budgeted, not have getting around first, just in Tokyo playing until satisfied


4. Food
Food in Japan it could be really cheap, and can be very expensive. But usually I give budget 2000 yen a day. The morning meal eat onigiri or buy anything cheap meal in a convenience store, or if you stay in an apartment, you can cook yourself whether instant noodle brought from home, or instant ramen in Japan. 2000 yen a day I think it is okay very origin of you looking carefully. Can also survive with 1000 yen a day why if super economical. Moreover, on average there is not taxed again because it was all in, and a free drink. Bring bottles of drinking water and fill your stay hahahaha!

Oh yes for those who do not eat pork, many also why restaurants that do not serve pork. The choices can eat Udon, Tempura, Sashimi, Sushi, etc. You can also ask his staff whether these foods contain pork or not to further ensure. Usually ramen was no pigs but there is also a vegetarian or seafood ramen, so many options in Japan so do not be afraid. The food at convenience stores (convenience store) at Japan also delicious anyway, both of onigiri and bento was inedible really.

Food in Japan was also super big  size for the Indonesian portion so for you girls, can also order first and check is it enough or not. Avoid going to Izakaya or where people drink because they usually wear table charge and a minimum order, so the price can be more expensive