Friday, January 1, 2016

Tokyo Haneda Airport

The plane that I was riding from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur departed at 5:40 am. So at least I should have been there at the airport around 03:30 hours and 01:30 hours departing from Malang city. Does not meet the travel that would leave at that much, it was decided to leave the private car ride. The most painful moment when I looked at the three pearl hearts were asleep. I kissed one by one as he whispered a prayer may God protect us all. First backpack to leave both the kids, there is no night that I went through without crying miss them.

But now I was somewhat accustomed to controlling the sentimental side to emphasize the importance of this trip for me and them. They become more independent every time left and I need to travel to charge "battery life" by giving my time entirely to my husband and myself.

Arriving at Juanda procedures are followed is to do a self check in kiosk check inn inn then go to Counter Air Asia to surrender his passport and boarding pass from a kiosk check inn at the same time pay for the airport tax of Rp. 150.000. If you have luggage can be dropped here but if you do not have as I could immediately go up to the 2nd floor to the immigration process.

Simple Meal
Travelling Kuala Lumpur - Tokyo

Our plane was traveling from Surabaya landed at LCCT 09:10 hours, while the connecting flight to Tokyo will depart at 14:45 local time. Do not buy a ticket because we had to undergo Fly Through regular sepert procedure that is entered into the Malaysian immigration then later came out again. 3 hours of waiting we used to have lunch at the same time.

For food, I still recommend FC Food Garden which are outside the LCCT building because the price is much cheaper than the restaurants in the area LCCT. With 6 RM (approximately Rp. 19,200) has been able to complete with meal Nasi Lemak. This price is almost half the price of Nasi Lemak in the restaurant Taste Of Asia in LCCT.

Flight Kuala lumpu - Tokyo managed by Air Asia X is part of an Air Asia flight designed for long-haul flights (Long Haul) with a flight range of more than 6 hours. For passenger comfort, the average wide-bodied aircraft used (Wide-Body Aircraft) such as the Airbus A330 and Airbus A340 is capable of flying non-stop. The difference with a smaller plane, the larger is much more calm, shocks almost does not feel so sleep more soundly.

Check-in procedures for passengers of Air Asia X is slightly different and more stringent better about trunk or documents. First, we implement the Self Check-In can be done via the internet or mobile phones with effect from 48 hours to 4 hours before departure or it could be through the Self Check-In Kiosk at the Airport with effect from 6 until 1 hour before departure.

So make sure 1 hour before departure you have to check in because the process is closed one hour before departure. After Check-In, the second procedure is to drop luggage for those who have luggage. This process can be done at the Baggage Drop counter carrying a passport and proof of check-in. Baggage allowance should be purchased through the internet because of the fall will be more expensive if bought over the counter.

If it does not have baggage like I can go straight to the Document Check Counter. Here again our documents will be checked from the passport, visa and boarding pass. After completion of the passengers can go directly to Departure Gate. Departure Gate of this there will still be 6 another inspection about passports, visas and boarding passes before passengers can sit comfortably on the plane.

Because airlines will last long (planned to be landed 23:00 Japanese time, then for the first time we ordered dinner on the plane. My choice fell on Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser (sump, a day of eating Nasi Lemak continued) for 13 RM. The food is better Also ordered via the Internet since the fall will be cheaper and passengers who have already booked will be served beforehand rather than the message in place.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu
Stay At Haneda Airport

Thank God, our plane landed at the airport Haneda 23:00. We plan to stay here tonight with consideration for savings, in addition there after check train that connects Haneda Airport and Shinjuku it only operates up to a maximum of 24.00 hours.

Just after that there is a taxi and Airport Bus that the ticket price double the price during the day, so stay at the airport was the only economical way to spend the night. If you want to stay at hotels, in the Domestic Terminal there Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu (Domestic Terminal 2, regular hotel) and First Cabin Tokyo Haneda (Domestic Terminal 1, capsule hotel) whose price exceeds the price of my return ticket to Japan.

When the queue at immigration, we became acquainted with a group of backpackers from Indonesia finally agreed to stay together at the airport. Which clearly do not worry stay here because many international flights arrive and depart early in the morning (between the hours of 4 to 6 am) and dinner once (between the hours of 10 to 2 nights). So it is natural that many are staying at the airport, even the Japanese themselves who have to catch a plane in the morning was also staying at the airport so as not to miss the plane.

Once out of immigration, we go up to the Departure Lobby on the 3rd floor which one corner suitable as a place to stay. The seats are lined lengthwise, close to the power jack to mengcharge gadget and not far from the bathroom. Nursery room was very clean and complete, there is a wide table for changing diapers, hot water machine to wash and make milk and comfortable sofas to just sit. In the Nursery Room, there are two small rooms with folding doors to breastfeed.

If you dare to actually be also used to stay, because if the door is closed it will create private rooms measuring 2 × 1 fairly well used sleeping. But I do not sleep in this place (just ride prayer alone) for fear that no one checked and suspicious why a closed feed him continue

After completion fulfill obligations, I went to sleep holding the camera and the daily bag pack containing a passport and money. Do not forget to pray and surrender to God items during my sleep. Thank God, until awoke the next morning my stuff intact and until the end of the journey, the Japanese really proved to me how this country is a very safe country to travel and not have to worry about to leave belongings unattended excessive