Friday, January 1, 2016

Japan Sanrio Puroland

Sanrio Puroland
Continued from my previous post,here goes the several list:

5. Admission
Well I think not complete if go to Japan not going to the temple or to the playground. For such Asakusa Temple or Meiji Jingu might be free, but usually a temple in Kyoto must pay. Cost 300 yen per one entry so. To playground heck yes the price is already fixed not negotiable, so the problem is that want to enter for baseball.

But already all the way to Japan, so must go at least one. My recommendation really the Disney Sea compared to Disney Land. Why? As the game more exciting, better place for photographs, newer [not ancient] design, and clearly only there is only one in the world. But if you have more budget, you'd better buy 2 days pass. Price one day at Disney was 6900 yen and 12,900 yen 2 days as it can be checked on the website of the Tokyo Disney Resort.

While admission to other attractions in Tokyo, a lot of really free. For example go to Ueno Park to enjoy the park, or to the center of shopping in Shibuya, check out the fashionable Harajuku, the streets around Akihabara to look around the culture of anime and manga, go to Odaiba to see Rainbow Bridge and photos together Gundam, and so forth. In addition to Disney, there are several playgrounds also around Tokyo that you can visit such as Sanrio Puroland, Edo Wonderland, Fuji Q Theme Park

JR Pass
6. Internet
It does really required in everyday activities. In addition you can use to keep contact with friends that again the same way you [if for example there is a right nuisance lost], also for checking the GPS and Hyperdia. Until last year anyway XL 1.5 provider no free roaming promotion for postpaid customers and because I happen to users, so I use that campaign. Free first 3 days later charged about Rp 30,000 per day the which is thought not bad lah. But now I do not know whether there is a kind of promotion of local providers who work together but try to check before deciding to hire a pocket wifi.

Pocket wifi was quite expensive around 100 thousand per day. If you go, it may not be too tasteless for eventual joint. But if for myself, I'd suggest buying a sim card specifically for the internet only. Finally I bought B-Mobile for 14 days, and it only cost about 4000 yen.

So around 30 thousand rupiah per day. If you stay less than 14 days, it could take the 1GB for the same price but much faster. Want cheaper again could have join with friends, staying just use one mobile phone to the internet and if the activation of another new need in tethering

At a hotel or apartment has internet so use only at outside. Another time sleep in Japan use Airbnb, host also provide free internet ,if not, just borrow pocket wifi is also free of charge.

Daiso Harajuku
7. Souvenirs
Usually Indonesian people bring gifts to friends or relatives after traveling overseas. The last thing that must be done on bucket list is to do shopping to hunt for souvenirs, me myself has not even by one yet.LOL.

Meanwhile the suitcase space was limited and complicated later to carry it and after return also must send gifts to one by one. So at least the person that we will give gifts must close to us or know us well. But if you still want to be kind enough to give happiness to many people, there are some souvenirs that I recommend.

You should be shopping at Daiso! In addition stuff are cheap and so many kinds of option. Or you also can go to a supermarket or convenience stores in Japan and buy souvenirs. I liked most is that some sort of shredded buy Furikake Japan. It costs 100 yen only and lots of flavor. Daiso in Japan was different as Daiso here, variants more! I recommendation that Daiso Harajuku because it was super big and very complete

Never buy key chains, already not in order, not going to be using that, in Japan it is expensive (300 yen late), given also ordinary people who do not appreciate. You'd better food some delicious snacks. Furikake it's lightly taken, the food is placed on top of the rice; it is unique-unique and really exciting. Usually the people I love are still the happy-happy. You can also buy some sort of cake in a box that was typical of the region.

Typically prices range from 500 - 1000 yen per box and its contents there are about 10-20 pieces. Make you a school or work, you can buy a box for a classmate or the people work together. The contents of dry cake, mochi, sweets and biscuits. Packaging was funny. I recommendation if you go shopping like these in his Don Quixote Akihabara. Why? Because it is usually more packaging anime really so very Japanese plasticity

Don Quijote Akihabara
I never bought gifts cakes at Disney. It does not suit my taste and cost lot more expensive than my budget. I even told my friend I like common hobbies buy mochi diverse flavors, place in Don Quijote Akihabara. It was a small box price is 500 yen and make collecting. In addition you can also sort the candy.

In addition you can also give girls sort of beauty items. Most can be shared and cheap-cheap it was hand cream, lipstick, lip balm, and types of small items. Around 300-700 yen per person. In addition to saving space in the suitcase, the price is also not make the bag too high. You can buy these in Matsumoto Kiyoshi and you also have to take into account the price of a visa, although now a special visa waiver for holders of E-Passport (but still have to register in advance).

But special for students, a visa is FREE so you can calm. For clarity you can take care of themselves with the website checks the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia. During this time I use a visa to visit Travel Alone Cost cause more forms not complicated than others.
Location Japanese embassy that there is next to  Plaza Indonesia. Prepare a minimum of 4 working days.
I was leaked to the fear of visas do not qualify. Savings you do not need a lot to get to go to Japan. How to get a Japanese visa was pretty easy, as long as complete the forms usually must be accepted. The most feared is the problem and I learning account is from my friend that alternating Japan continues

If you want to go to Japan for 7 days, saving of IDR10,000,000 in the bank that was more than enough. Essentially embassy going checked when you go 7 days, one day it counted IDR1,000,000 by them. So there are at least 7 million even you can get away

But make sure also that you write itinerary makes little sense. If in your savings only 7 day vacation, and you write you want to Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Nagoya and went to many playgrounds, incidentally certainly not going enough money and you could be mistaken there would be dark worker.

Japanese visa was valid from 3 months after the visa is issued, so if you've bought your tickets now for the next year, you can only create the 3-month visa before departure fastest. No need visa for now because it'll actually expired visa first

This price estimate can be cheaper or more expensive depending on your lifestyle. If you can get discounted flight ticket,that can also help saving cost. And if you want to use into other areas around the JR Pass, so stay plus the price of the JR Pass, then added the entrance ticket which you want coming. Then you can also prepare budget for personal shopping for example buy shoes, make-up, or food for yourself. Well, so for cheap travel tips to Japan. Although this is not the price that the majority of Indonesian people can not pay right now, but if you save and save more money that is the intention, could travel to your dream place.

Do not forget to bring travel buddy that have the same vision and mission of the holiday. Not good if you're the one who have intention to save more money and eat at roadside happily while your friend wants to ride expensive taxis and eating sushi continuously.
Hopefully these tips are useful for you, and should be shared to friends who are going to Japan