Friday, January 1, 2016

Gion Art Theater

Kyoto Gion Art Theater
Finished eating and out of Takashimaya, we still did not realize time has shown 06.00 p.m. So we only had 3 hours to explore Gion before returning to the hostel. Gion Geisha District is one of Kyoto best places. Besides Gion, Kyoto actually has 3 Geisha District, commonly called hanamachi (Flower Street) is Miyagawa-Cho, Kamishichiken and Ponto Cho.

So in total there are 5 hanamachi because Gion itself is divided into 2 of the Gion Kobu and Gion Higashi. Hanamachi usually contains a number Okiya (Geisha House), Ochaya (Tea House where Geisha usually entertain customers) and Kaburenjo, a sort of meeting place for Geisha are usually equipped with a theater and rooms that allow them to practice. Also in hanamachi usually Kenban Offices are responsible for the regulation of wages and the Geisha regulation, including setting a schedule for practice and clicking entertain guests.

Each hanamachi also has a symbol (Kamon) of its own which usually appears on the kimono worn by the Geisha and lanterns mounted Ochaya. Among the five hanamachi in Kyoto, Gion Kobu, Ponto Cho and Kamishichiken is hanamachi with the highest ranking. Geisha in the area of ​​high-priced and usually visited by businessmen and politicians while geiko of Gion Higashi and Miyagawa-Cho-known prestigious high despite a lower rank.

Shirakawa Minami Dori
The first place that we explored in Gion Shirakawa Minami Dori is within approximately 650 meters from Takashimaya Dept. Store. I'm interested in exploring after reading the Lonely Planet called it "one of Kyoto's most beautiful streets and Among most beautiful street in all of Asia". Located on the banks of the canal that edges there are many trees Willow, this road does look beautiful. The road itself is not made of asphalt but of rocks neat and natural look.

Lined on either side expensive restaurants and Ochaya were mostly made of wood so it looks natural. Unlike the Hanami-Koji, this area arguably more serene and beautiful. No messy cables on poles and willow trees were allowed to grow dangle indeed different from the styles of Japanese gardens are always cut a neat tree

Of Shirakawa Minami Dori, we walked toward the Hanami-Koji Dori, the most popular area in Gion. As well as on either side Shirakawa area filled with restaurants and Ochaya were also made of wood. From the front, Ochaya and the restaurant looks small about 5 to 6 meters long but is said to reach 20 meters behind him. This is because the property tax policy in Kyoto basing the calculation on the width of the front of the building. Although the inside is full of people who were eating or drinking while entertained Geiko (Kyoto dialect for geisha) but from the front looks deserted as no activity. If the bar or pub like this, the neighbors would have been happy because it is not noisy and disturbed.

The road continues along the Hanami-Koji, we stopped at Gion Corner. Located at Yasaka Hall adjacent to Gion Kobu Kabunrejo Theatre, it offers seven kinds of Japanese traditional arts will be staged within 1 hour. Dipertontokan art there are: Kyo-Mai Dance (native dance by Maiko Kyoto), Bunraku Puppet Theatre (traditional Japanese puppet theater in the list of UNESCO as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2003). In addition to dance and music, also exhibited a tea ceremony and flower arrangement Japanese style. Hour spectacle only twice at 7 and 8 pm with admission 3150 yen.

By the time I get there first hour show is in progress, wanted clay show a second, but when I saw the ticket directly retreat :). Finally, we just look Maiko Gallery containing videos of Geisha and Maiko and exhibition equipment they use such as hair ornaments, fans and handbags. It turns out the hair style, color and decoration on the head kimono showed levels of seniority. Maiko usually dressed in brightly colored kimono with hair ornaments are changing according to the season. Also change their hairstyles adapted to the years they have traveled in the exercise. Every detail shows the difference to the short length alispun also showed levels. Long eyebrows showed maturity short while intended for the young.

Hanami-Koji Dori
Of Gion Corner, we walked back down Hanami-Koji Dori toward Gion bus stop located in front of the temple of Yasaka Shrine. From the bus stop we can take bus no. 100 or 206 to Kyoto Station and then proceed on foot to the hostel. These Gion walking tour of Takashimaya Dep. Store can be seen in the image below. Remarks Map (A). Takashimaya Dep. Store. (B). Shirakawa Minami Dori. (C). Hanami-Koji Dori. (D). Gion Corner. (E). Nis stop Towards Kyoto Station

Gion Kyoto Station
The journey from Gion Kyoto Station takes approximately 15 minutes. Before arriving at our hostel had got in minimart shopping for dinner and breakfast in the morning. The price of the raw material pretty well, one kilogram of rice costs 575 yen (if in my country has been able for kilometers), the egg content of 12 seeds price is 195 yen.

Okay but could be for some meals. Finally precisely 09.30 the night we entered the hotel, went straight to the kitchen to cook dinner. Actually, I eat rice warm plus fried eggs but time will week turns cooking rice Japanese rice paper cooker all. Be push there trying to figure out the correct key, praying that the rice can be cooked