Friday, January 1, 2016

Kyoto Hana Hostel

Bus night that we were stopped at Tsuchiyama, approximately 2 hours drive from Kyoto, to allow a passenger to the toilet or just stretch my legs streets. The air outside was so cold that even only talk felt like steaming. In this vast stops besides the toilet there is also a 7 eleven and like most toilets that I have encountered in Japan, the toilet in transit is so clean without the smell of urine or tissue scattered.

Kyoto Avanti Keihan
Due to the cessation of very moment, we just stopped by just to the toilet and then climbed into the bus for fear of being left behind. Understandably driver pack disposable dial-called, Japanese, if we take away fear of not getting caught, close just do not understand let alone much

Arriving in Kyoto around 07.30, we unloaded right in front of Kyoto Avanti Keihan near Kyoto Station. At first it was confused also exist in areas where, because of my shadow we will be deployed within the Kyoto Station and not outside it. But fortunately this hotel is in the map that I printed from the website hostel. A walking route from the Avanti Keihan to Kyoto Hana Hostel in the picture below.

Kyoto Hana Hostel
Kyoto Hana Hostel is my message through Hostelworld site that requires an advance payment of 10% of total transactions and service charge USD 2 messaging. Kyoto Hana Hostel entered in one group J-Hoppers hostel network. I chose this hotel because of its location close to Kyoto Station and the price is not too expensive for the size of Japan :).

Proved my choice is not wrong, because it's the best hostel I've ever lived after Sydney Central YHA. If Sydney Central YHA number 1 then Kyoto Hana probably number two :). No wonder that this hostel had received Certificate Of Excellent 2012 from Trip Advisor. Many things I love about this hostel include the size of the rooms are quite spacious, quite complete kitchen facilities, WiFi her kenceng, cleanliness of top exhausted and his staff were friendly and helpfull.

One more, the rate is not too much (only 3 levels) so up the ladder is not too tired advised private rooms are usually placed on the top floor. Most hostels in Japan imposed perkepala prices both for dormitory and private rooms. Because of the difference in price between dorm and private rooms are not too much so we decided to take a private room Twin Japanese are the most cheap price (Y3000 per person) with bathroom inside.

Cozy environment inside hostel
When we got there, the receptionist is not open (the opening hours receptionist hours of 08:00 to 14:00 and the hours of 15:00 to 10:00 p.m.). But they let us enter, leave bags in luggage storage and use of the kitchen, bathroom, as well as the casual space. Only this time I found the hostel like this model. Usually for security reasons, after hours receptionist front door will be locked and guests who do not have the key can not enter let alone use the kitchen and lounge.

So while waiting for the receptionist to open, we could have breakfast and see the TV sheltered from the cold outside. One more unique, before entering we were asked take off shoes, put on the shelf and into use sandals hostel. So long as we live in hostels will use sandals hostel with shoes neatly on a shelf and only used when out alone. One habit enviable considering how many germs that stick in shoes or sandals worn road outside.

Fortunately, when the reception is open we can immediately check inn and entered the room. 2 days 2 nights have not met the mattress feels too tired. But when I got in the room, mattress still stacked neatly, forgot really the message of rooms Japanese Style. Be while half brake literacy learning first how to do juggling mattresses became Futon (traditional Japanese bed).

After a bath in the morning (finally get a shower too), we were dozing on the futon, watching around the room. In the corner no safes were originally I think safety box, it turns out after the box was observed emergency staircase used in a state of emergency (earthquake or fire) because our room was on the 3rd floor which is the top floor. But looking at the complexity of the instructions, jump it feels going faster than disposable forceps

After resting for nearly a half hour, just 09.30 start our streets explore city of Kyoto. Here I also apply a circular route from Kyoto Station - Kinkakuji - Ginkakuji - Kyoto Museum of Traditional Craft - Nishiki Market - Gion - Kyoto Station. So the place that will be our first wandering is Kinkakuji as the farthest destination.