Friday, January 1, 2016

Kansai International Airport

Osaka Street
Picnic trip to Japan is my long-planned with the preparation for a fairly long duration, ie 7 days. The duration of the course according to my size, because usually I just go for 2-4 days and that too is done on weekends. I went to Japan with two of my friends. Ray is a friend of mine from high school, while Andy is a friend of my friend. This is his first trip abroad, and cool Japan is the country that most want to visit.

We gathered at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport around 05:30 pm because our plane Kuala Lumpur depart at 06:40. Fortunately because the flight at the weekend, does not seem queue of vehicles toward the airport and we arrived at the terminal on time. I and Erick met with Mark in the morning, and no long wait we were welcome to board the plane.

We use a carrier AirAsia Indonesia for the route Jakarta - Kuala Lumpur and AirAsia X for the route Kuala Lumpur - Osaka. We get a ticket that is reasonably priced for the size of our pockets, around Rp3.500.000,00 pp. A trip to Kuala Lumpur using Airbus A320 takes two hours, and we arrived at the terminal LCCT Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 09:40 local time. Kuala Lumpur time in 1 hour earlier than Western Indonesian Time.

Arriving at the LCCT we decided to spend some time in the food court where I stay LCCT previous month. Our new flight to Osaka 15.00 hours, which is sufficient time to get out of immigration for lunch and relax for a moment before the long flight to Japan. Around 13:00, we went into the waiting room after doing the check-in, immigration and customs.

Unique, for flights with AirAsia X checking documents once again even though the passenger has been through this process, both from outside the airport or through the Fly-Thru for transit passengers. This apparently caused by AirAsia X passengers who occupy a special waiting room so that passengers will enter here must go through a series of procedures examination of documents once again.

I think personally, this is redundant and bureaucratic because it just repeats the process that had previously been passed by the passenger. Except that this time the officer can interrogate passengers more freely. I was questioned at length by one immigration officer when it will go into this waiting room. Of course this is the right of the Malaysian Immigration officer position, and I believe is done to minimize the risk of flight safety.

I personally do not object to this treatment, although checks on passengers from Japan is not as strict as checks against me. Perhaps in addition to stereotype my home country as well as the language barrier. If this process can be cut and replaced with other methods, I personally rate the flying experience will be even better.

Flights to Osaka waiting room adjacent to the lounge turns flying to Haneda - Tokyo, but the flight to Tokyo 20 minutes earlier than flight to Osaka or at 14:40. After all the passengers had finished boarding destination Tokyo, now turn passengers Osaka objectives are to board the plane. Of course we must go to a parked aircraft that was quite far away. Authorities Kuala Lumpur International Airport prohibit any person to take a photo of the plane, so there is no other option for us but to rush into the plane.

Which is surprising, since this is my first flight using Airbus A330-300 wide-bodied aircraft, is the time it takes passengers to boarding counted quickly, it was not until 20 minutes all passengers have to board the aircraft and the aircraft is ready for takeoff.

Flights to Osaka takes 6 hours 25 minutes. Flight went smoothly and the one thing that struck me was when the pilot introduced himself and turns his name as an Indonesian national pilot. How touching and there is a sense of pride in me because he became the leader of the international flights instead of Indonesia that the entire crew cabin from other countries.

At 22:15 we landed at Kansai International Airport, faster 10 minutes of schedule. Actually, Osaka City is served by two airports, Osaka International Airport (Itami) and Kansai International Airport. Osaka International Airport is actually located in Itami included in Hyogo Prefecture on mainland Japan. The airport is already saturated with air traffic so that now functioned to serve domestic and regional flights, while international air traffic to and from Osaka Kansai International Airport is served by.

Kansai International Airport is built on land reclaimed from the sea, about 50 km from downtown Osaka. The reason the construction of the airport on the sea caused besides the dense city of Osaka and surrounding areas, as well as the Japanese government learned from the construction of Narita International Airport in 1975 that protests and strong opposition from residents who live there. After operating Narita airport, Narita residents still protested and still rife destroyer airport facilities by angry residents.

Kansai International Airport
Construction of Kansai International Airport by way of reclamation is not without difficulty. Since it was first unveiled in 1994 until recently, the airport is having problems downs of the ground surface. But ultimately the problem stops and airport ground is stable. The airport is the second most important international airport in Japan after Narita International Airport in Tokyo and as the name is intended to serve the Kansai region that includes the city of Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, and surrounding areas.

Once off the plane we immediately boarded automated people mover to lead to immigration. Due to recent widespread cases of bird flu, then prior to immigration, we have to pass through the quarantine. We just have to walk past the camera and the two officers would monitor the temperature of our body. Because we do not come from China or countries in Africa, they did not seem too worried.

When we were queuing immigration, there is one officer to manage the queue, he directs passengers to queue at immigration officers fewer. This method is effective and can be replicated by Indonesian immigration authorities. Frankly because this is the first time I go to a country that requires a visa, I was worried if I was denied entry, because of the authority to accept or reject a person to the territory of the country is on the immigration officer. To overcome the anxiety, I choose to queue at immigration officer who looks friendly, and the tactic apparently worked. The officer was smiling, giving rise to a good first impression on Japan.

It turns out our flight was the last flight of the day, and after all the passengers had entered the jurisdiction of Japan, international arrivals lights turned off and the immigration officer was rushed home.

After the exit to the main building of Terminal 1 already at 23:15, we immediately look for a place to sleep on the floor seats 2. We do intend to stay at the airport because in addition to saving the cost of lodging, as well as the last train to Osaka at 23:00, and only there again tomorrow morning. Public transport options are still available that night was a taxi which would cost a fortune.

It engrossing, even though the airport activity has ended before midnight but there Lawson mini market and fast-food restaurants McDonald's and Sukiya which operates 24 hours. In addition there are lockers that can be used to store bags or suitcases and lounge paid if you want to rest. Other things, Kansai International Airport is also complemented by free WiFi internet access without restrictions on the duration of time as Changi International Airport or LCCT Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Looks many passengers left the train to Osaka and chose to sleep in the airport waiting for tomorrow morning. As information, Kansai International Airport is one of the best airports to stay. At night, a policeman will come to ask and record the identity and asked why we are still there at the airport. But after that he will let us rest and went to another place.