Thursday, August 2, 2012

Atami Shizuoka Prefecture

First of all, Happy New Year 2016! Hopefully that all bad things could be gone, which good things can be improved!
I sound like a politician at all, haha ​​anyway, congratulations on vacation!
Talk about the holidays, I want to tell about a holiday destination in Japan, which i visited with classmates a few days ago. The name of the place is, Tralalalala,,, Atami!

A medium-sized city, not so big ,not really small too, which incidentally led by a mayor graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Cool bro, a graduate school graduate Tokodai finally plunge into politics, decisions and struggle no easy course.
Atami is approximately 1 hour away by Shinkansen or 3-4 hours by road.
Atami from the beginning until now renowned as the center of the onsen, besides at Hakone. What is the onsen?

Hot water bath. Eleven of the twelve was the same Ciater, West Java. Here, the hot water bath is known as one of the alternative methods of treatment. Unique is that we have to bathe Japanese ala-ala, where we have to be get in without any clothes before entering the palace pool. But just calm, people here want to know nothing about people's business and also have people want to see how, so cool right

Atami Onsen
A long time ago, approximately year 1970-1980an city is known as a honeymoon destination. Excess Atami city in my opinion is on its geographical features. The city is no need to venture much also already good scenery. If we look in the direction of the sea, will plasticity bay with a nice beach, behind them there hills, behind again none other than the Mount Fuji.

Okay wrong, it is not looking from the sea, but from a helicopter think .. Anyway, like typical places in Japan others, its very neat, orderly, and clean. I opportunity to walk a little afternoon before turning to Tokyo and finally a visit to her shores. Want to see plastic garbage strewn there seems impossible. The waves were calm, cool wind, the sand is clean, people here not ignorant, could be hours alone we spend time at the beach.

Atami in my opinion one of the getaway of a life of salary-man style Tokyo boring. People here seen walking more relaxed, buildings do not adhere to each other, and the scenery is really hard to be sought in Tokyo. But according to me personally, because of the influence of the architecture of the building is still "too Tokyo" i felt in this city are still missing. With the same geographical feature, i see the beauty that is different in other places I have ever visited.

If compared to the same photo above is it similar ? Similar to the little,same located behind a hill and directly facing the ocean with a curve that can be used as a stopover port ships cruise. But with a touch of architecture, which in Genoa and the surrounding area, buildings less have a template to follow, so our eyes become more pampered same beautiful colors and unique shapes buildings .

Probably many reasons why architecture in Japan tend to be rigid, everywhere almost the same. Perhaps because there is no standard of buildings associated with anti-earthquake, may also be another reason that I do not understand.

Atami Onsen at night
But overall, this city has its own charm with its onsen, to-beautiful-an atmosphere, with a view of the sea, etc. Hopefully the mayor of his alma mater now that one could do more to Atami could be soundless in the international community.